Descriptive Feedback at Winona

At our last P.A. Day on Feb. 17, I was asked to present on Descriptive Feedback and 21st Century Learning Skills at Winona Public School with a specific look at the Livescribe Pen. Winona has 3 Livescribe pens presently in their school. Right before I presented, Winona’s LIPT presented on Descriptive Feedback and what effective Descriptive Feedback looks like.

I decided to present Descriptive Feedback using 3 different tools:

  1. Livescribe Pen
  2. Google Docs
  3. Snowball Mic

In preparation for the session, I created a presentation in Google Docs which can be found here. After a brief discussion on how to use a Livescribe Pen, we discussed all of the ways the pen can be integrated into the classroom. Some teachers, having experience with the pen, were able to provide other uses for the pen including some very simple but effective ideas.

After the presentation, the group was split into smaller groups and worked in centers designed to give them experience in each of the three tools. The Livescribe group was also introduced the use of stickers and post-it notes. The Livescribe activity was designed around Learning Goals and Success Criteria as well as student work samples. The staff were asked to review the Learning Goals, Success Criteria and student work and give feedback using the Livescribe Pen. This was an authentic learning task for the staff and the feedback (on the pen and session) was positive.

The second group worked on Google Docs. Although there some were some technical difficulties, the groups were able to see how easy it is for teachers, as well as students to leave feedback on eachother’s work. A simple right click of the button to leave a comment. They were also shown how a “conversation” can place through the use of the comment feature.

The final group was given samples of Grade 6 math problems and collaborative answers and asked to give feedback through the use of Audacity and a snowball mic. Other ideas for the use of the mic came out in the discussions that the teachers were having in their groups.

Overall, the presentation went well and the feedback was positive. The staff members were eager to learn and I look forward to seeing how they incorporate the 21st Century Learning Skills in the classroom.

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