The 21CL team has been exploring different means of creating interactive templates and tools to use in your practice. The results of this work have culminated in a number of different initiatives that we will be sharing, both in the coming weeks, and further into the next school year (https://share.school, https://hwdsb.press, H5P, Explain Everything Templates).

One of those initiatives is the integration of H5PA selection of H5P interactives screenshot from the hp5.org website. within the Commons. The following playlist displays a variety of different ways to interact with the new H5P tools. We strongly encourage teachers to take a look at these new resources as a means of exploring different web 2.0 interactive tools.

Using H5P within the Commons ensures that the content you create belongs to you, and not a third party company that may change their terms of service, limit your access, or begin to charge you or advertise to your students. The content created here can be integrated into the HUB (Brightspace). Even teachers who don’t normally blog, can set up a site on the Commons solely to host H5P content, that can be embedded within your course content. Connect with your 21CL Consultant to learn more, or comment below.

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