21CL Summer Institute 2015

Two Days of Transformational Learning

The 21st Century Learning team, along with other members of the Leadership and Learning Department, will be leading two exciting days of PD. With sessions offered in early July and Late August, these two days promise to be filled with worthwhile Professional Development.

Day One

Day One will provide a variety of different “meaningful-awareness” 50 minute sessions. A variety of sessions will be offered, providing an opportunity for participants to select the sessions that will be most helpful to their role in September.

Day Two

Day Two will provide a “deeper-dive” into some of the topics covered during Day One. Participants will be asked to select their Day Two sessions based on topics that they would like to explore further from their Day One experiences.

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Our intent is to provide meaningful professional development — along with the requisite time to explore, play, and build — with the goal of ensuring everyone leaves with something concrete they can institute into their classroom in September.

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July 9th and 10th

August 24th and 25th

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Day One

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iPad 101

So you just got an iPad, your class just got a kit of iPads, or every student in your class is going to be arriving at your door carrying this shiny new device: regardless of the context, this session will introduce you to the basics of this mobile device. Navigation, configuring the settings panel, and other tips and tricks to help you navigate this new platform will be addressed. This session will provide a great introduction for those of you who haven’t worked or played on the
iOS platform before.

Presenter:  Jared Bennett

Google Drive and Suite

Learn how to use Google Drive to manage the available space on your ipad by uploading native content to your cloud based HWDSB Google Drive account. Use the integrated apps to create, share and comment to foster collaboration with colleagues and students and incorporate timely
feedback to students.  You will also learn to navigate between the app versions and the desktop versions on the ipad.  

Presenter:  Karen Wilson

ePortfolio App

Are you looking for a way to capture student learning digitally, have students reflect on their own learning, share information with
classmates and provide feedback to others? In this sessions you will
learn how the ePortfolio tool will allow your students to collect, organize and share their learning in the form of images, files, video, links, audio recordings and reflections. If you are using a board-provisioned device, ePortfolio will be installed for you.  If you are using your own personal device, please download Desire2Learn ePortfolio and have it installed on your iPad.  

Presenter:  Sonya Clarke


“HWDSB is not engaged in a technology project; rather, we are engaged in a process to enhance instruction, to invite students to engage in rich learning tasks and to rely on students to drive the learning environment, supported by technology. Teachers have a significant role to play in this transformation”(Transforming Learning Everywhere). Would you like to learn more about the ‘significant role’ that you play in transforming learning? This session on Inquiry in the Classroom will introduce you to the foundational concepts of student inquiry. You will learn some practical strategies for embedding inquiry into your classroom, and we will explore the essential connection between
technology and inquiry.  

Presenter:  Teri Thompson

Numbers in Math

Rethink your Data Management strand in Math with the help of the Numbers app. A powerful graphing tool (as well as a spreadsheet), Numbers allows students to add images, tables and charts. In Elementary, collect, organize and display Primary and Secondary data. In Secondary, link the activity to budgeting, mortgages, loans, financial records and invoicing.  

Presenter:  Tim Kivell

HWDSB Commons

Create your own blog within the HWDSB Commons to communicate with students and parents.  Learn how to create a blog /website, organize categories and pages, and post an events calendar, and embed content to make it interactive and personal.  Advanced features will also be discussed based on participant need.

Presenter:  Karen Wilson

Explain Everything

The most powerful of a plethora of screencasting apps, Explain Everything provides teachers and students with a place to create using an interactive whiteboard. Documents, pictures, videos, sound files, active web browser windows can be added to your project in an instant. Hit the record button and your voice can be added to your project. Once complete, projects can be shared in a variety of ways including through tv.HWDSB, Google Drive, AirDrop and the Camera Roll. This session will walk you through the basic steps in creating an Explain Everything project as well as discuss various ways this app can be used in your classroom. If you are using your own personal device, please purchase Explain Everything ($2.99) and have it installed on your iPad.

Presenter:  Tim Kivell


This session will explore how Mindomo can be used in the classroom as mind mapping software as well as presentation software. Mindomo is a simple, straightforward tool, easily accessible through the Hub, that can be used at all grade levels.  

Presenter:  Paul Hatala

Read and Write for iPad

This session will show you how HWDSB has made Assistive Technology available to all of our students and accessible on any device. Learn how Read&Write for Google supports Special Needs students through speech to text, text to speech and word prediction features.

Presenter:  Terri Corneil

Pages and Keynote

Looking to create a fantastic flyer, newsletter or report?  With Pages, you can edit a text document, add pictures, graphics, tables and charts easily right on your iPad.  Add in some collaborative features along with cloud storage, and Pages quickly becomes a valuable desktop publishing tool on your iPad.  During this session we will explore the various features and tools within Pages.  If you are using a board-provisioned device, Pages is already on your device.  If you are using your own personal device, please purchase Pages and have it installed on your iPad. Keynote is Apple’s response to PowerPoint. With it you can create and show stunning presentations, complete with transitions, graphics, video, tables and more!  During this session we will explore the features of Keynote, how you can import an existing PowerPoint, how you can deliver your presentation as well as the collaborative features of Keynote and iCloud.  If you are using a board-provisioned device, Keynote is already installed on your device. If you are using your own personal device, please purchase Keynote and have it installed on your iPad. 

Presenter: Paul Hatala

Assistive Technology and the iPad

Do you have students with SEA Claim iPads or do you have a kit in your classroom and don’t know how to use it with students who need Assistive Technology?  This session will delve into the ways you can access available Assistive Technology features on the iPad and some unique AT apps to help your students make full use of Assistive Technology.  

Presenter: Terri Corneil


This new video platform has a host of different options beyond just hosting your video (pun intended). Create private galleries for your classes. Create podcast feeds that can become radio/televisions shows for your school. Create announcements that can be broadcast across the school or across the community.

Presenter Jared Bennett

The One iPad Classroom

How do you teach with an iPad when you’re the only one with a device? During this session we will explore the use of an iPad as a teacher-only device, as well as how a single iPad can be used a resource within your classroom. Geared for both secondary and elementary teachers, this session will have you seeing the iPad as a great teaching tool – even when there is only one!

Presenter:  Tim Kivell

Capture Assessment Data with iDoceo

Looking for a way to document student learning? iDoceo allows us to easily document our assessments, evaluations, conversations and observations using audio, video, photos and text, in an organized notebook right from your iPad. Create custom icons to represent student progress, and produce student reports. Back up to your board Google Drive to ensure none of the assessment data is lost. Come explore the possibilities of iDoceo.

Presenter:  Sonya Clarke

Day 2

You will sign up for Day 2 sessions after Day 1


Inquiry-based learning (IBL) is defined as “an approach to teaching and learning that places students’ questions, ideas, and observations at
the centre of the learning experience” Capacity Building Series, May 2013. The focus of this session will center around the following:

  • fundamental concepts of student inquiry and how it applies to instructional practice;
  • building a culture of inquiry in the classroom; and 
  • implementing inquiry into your instructional plans for the 2015-2016 school year.

Resources on inquiry-based learning will be discussed and provided, along with practical strategies that support student inquiry. We will explore the essential connection between technology and inquiry and how
this tool enhances the learning experience.

There will be planning time later in the day to begin to think about how to incorporate more IBL into your pedagogical practice. Please bring curriculum documents and/or lesson plans/units that you believe may offer opportunity for inquiry.

Presenter:  Teri Thompson

The HUB – Intermediate to Advanced

So you’ve uploaded content, you know how to use the Calendar and News Tools and you can create dropboxes, discussions, etc.  What’s next?  Dive deeper into The Hub and see how you can differentiate content for students, create groups within your class for students to work on projects, notify you when students have completed specific tasks and track learning objectives.  Create rubrics and quizzes and learn how to share these resources with others in your department, your school or the board.  This session is designed for people who have used The Hub within their class for the last year and are now wondering what more can be done.

Presenter:  Paul Hatala

Assistive Technology Deep Dive

Good for all; necessary for some. Explore the ways in which integrating Assistive Technology with Universal Design for Learning lessons can help make your classroom a more inclusive, welcoming environment for all students.

Presenter: Terri Corneil

Using Technology to Do NEW Things

Marc Prensky reminds us that we shouldn’t use technology to do old things in new ways, but should integrate technology to DO NEW THINGS. This session will explore Multimedia in your classroom as a vehicle for students to make their thinking visible. Podcasts on tv.HWDSB; Movies using iMovie; StopMotion using a variety of free apps; and music using Garageband are all elements we will explore together.

Presenter: Jared Bennett

Explain Everything as a File Format

When using this powerful screencasting software, we often jump to a video export as the end product. This session will explore the ability to take advantage of the .xpl file format to create interactives that students can manipulate (and record themselves while doing so), making Explain Everything a powerful canvas to integrate into your learning environment. This session will explore importing objects, grouping, cloning and, and sharing these artifacts in the Curriculum Share.

Presenter: Tim Kivell

The HUB – Beginner

Creating Content; uploading your own files; creating a file within the Hub; adding dropboxes; adding discussions; adding checklists; copying content from another course; linking out; embedding other content; calendar and news

Presenter:  Sonya Clarke and Karen Wilson

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