It’s Your Turn

We have been maintaining this blog for a few years now. We blog on it quite sporadically. Sometimes I think that’s because when we are working with teachers, the stories we have are their stories, and we might break their trust by telling them. I can tell my own stories, but I can’t tell your story, and it’s your story that is valuable to others. With that in mind, from today forward, we want to share this platform with you. We will still contribute in this space, but we are looking for your voice as well. We recognize that blogging is hard, and that setting up your own platform might be daunting; but we also know that you still have things you want to contribute, and we hope that turning this into a collaborative group blog might provide that platform for others, without requiring you to create your own site.

So from today forward, you can now contribute your learning to the Learning blog. We hope we can coax a diverse set of voices to share their journey here. You can contribute here in two different ways. If you don’t have a blog, you can create a blog post via the guest post submission form we have added to the top menu. If you have your own blog, we would ask that you add yourself as a contributor to this blog by filling out the Membership Request Form on the sidebar of the site, and then use the Broadcast functionality to share 2016-05-27_19-38-01posts from your blog, over to the Learning blog. When you do this, you can make sure that users who find your post on the Learning blog are re-directed back to your site by setting the permalink setting (this assumes you are writing the post from your own site, and then broadcasting it over to the Learning blog: your personal blog is the “parent”).

We hope that you will help us make this site a more vibrant space where experiences are shared from across the board. Feel free to reach out if you have questions, by commenting on this site, or emailing one of the 21CL team.

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